About Us

At All-Star Driving School, you will receive a Washington State Department of Licensing approved, quality learning experience. Your class experience will be informative and fun, and most importantly, we will teach you what you need to know to become a safe and accident free driver, for life! All classes are taught by OUR experienced & certified Department of Licensing instructor, who has a passion for learning and safety behind the wheel.

Our students have the same instructor in class and behind the wheel. Our ONLY instructors are the OWNERS of All-Star Driving School. They get to know the students and what each student specifically needs to work on to be a safe driver. Most driving schools have many instructors, in the class and behind the wheel. While working for other driving schools our instructors noticed students were not actually being TAUGHT how to drive by the other instructors. They would have a different instructor with every lesson. Sadly, these instructors just let the students “drive around for an hour”.

We have a well-planned curriculum at All-Star Driving School. Our curriculum includes:

  • A 1-hour overview, lead by our instructor,  from our comprehensive student manual
  • Worksheets that go with each lesson from the student manual. The worksheets prepare the students for the written test with the DOL.  Answers to the worksheet are given during the student manual lesson
  • A quiz with every class. The quizzes prepare our students for the test they will take with the DOL to get their license. Prompts are given during the lesson for the questions that will be on the quiz
  • Movies
  • Fun Trip Planning
  • Party at the Final

All-Star’s students have a very high success rate, passing their driving test on their VERY FIRST TRY!


Drivers Ed is $430* standard or $410 when you sign up with a friend (see referral program below). DOL testing is $35 for the Knowledge Test (Retest is $25), and $45 for the Skills Test (Retest is $25). If for any reason you decide to cancel a class that you’ve already paid for and would like a reimbursement there will be a $50 non-refundable processing fee

Referral Program

We currently offer a $20 sign up bonus for any student who gets a friend to take drivers ed with them and $20 for any students you or your parents refer. The referral bonus program is our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the good word! Nothing’s better than a recommendation of a happy student and their parents.

*prices and incentives are subject to change